The Rising of the Fierce

Jessica Sitting in Chair

Eckhart Tolle walked onto the Denver stage and asked, “why did you choose to incarnate at this time?”


Instantly I knew my answer. I am strong and loving enough to be in this world and do my part to make it a better one.


My strength has been tested the last month with the unexpected passing of the best man I knew, my Dad. A month ago I woke up blissfully unaware that my life was about to turn upside down. While out on a morning run I received the news of his sudden death. 


He was my rock. He was easy going. He was wise. He was hilarious. He was virtuous. He was all the things every human strives to be. 


Amongst of the painful emotions that come with a loss of a loved one. A father’s death exposes deep seated fear that can hide within a woman leaving her feeling vulnerable and lost without the guidance and love of the most important man. 


This fear sat within my chest for the weeks following his passing waiting patiently for me to acknowledge its presence. Deep down I knew if any good were to come of this tragic loss I would have to be brave enough to come face to face with this unsurmountable feeling of grief that was so painful I was unsure if I could recover. As though confronting this pain was like falling into an abyss that I would surely slip away and cease to exist. 


One night alone on a mountain top where I was safely held by Spirit and my ancestors I stepped boldly into my fear. I opened the door to the suffering within me. Diving into the pain, surrendering to the grief, and allowing myself to feel all I feared. Never have I felt such agony, never have I wailed, never have I felt so close to death myself. 


My Earthly side didn’t know if I’d make it through the night and my Angelic side knew I needed it for my soulful evolution in order to fulfill my spiritual duties in this life. 


Leaving my sacred space on the mountainside the next morning, I was not the same woman. I was transformed into something more loving, compassionate, and strong. 


The fear had vanished being replaced by peacefulness and a newfound fierceness was born.


Whatever you’re facing, walk through your storm. Calm skies wait for you on the other side.