With so many men armed with false beliefs about dating women, it’s affecting how men treat women as well as how they date them. With these misunderstandings cleared up, you’ll improve your perceptions of dating woman and enhance your dating life.
Let’s address the 3 Common Myths on Dating Women that can be affecting your love life.
-Women Want Free Meals on Date
Who doesn’t want free meals!? Everyone loves free food but are women just showing up on dates for free food?
No way!
They are going on dates looking for love, connection, and enjoyment just like you are. With many women making their own money and taking care of themselves, they can buy their own food and aren’t walking into dates with a sense of entitlement.
I often hear from men that dating is also expensive. According to The Match Group who owns Match and Tinder, the average cost of a date is $102. In California, it’s $226.35!
If someone is going on two dates a week that adds up to $816 per month on dating!
I’m not a fan of dinner on first dates. I advise my clients to do coffee or cocktails to keep it simple and relaxed, so you have an environment to get to know the person you are going out with. Enjoying a beverage is a lot more approachable for people and often reduces the pressure that comes with a first date.
An hour or 90 minutes together enjoying a beverage is a lot more approachable for people, and they often feel less pressure.
-Pretty Women Are Always Being Pursued
Most people assume that attractive people are either in relationships or continually being hit on. When it comes to men, most of them are afraid of approaching pretty women due to the fear of being rejected and embarrassed by her.
This isn’t true, and more often than not, incredibly beautiful women are experiencing Saturday nights single and wanting to go out on dates. The Pretty Girl Myth applies to the notion that because you think they are attractive, they must be taken when in fact they are as single as you are.
With that being said, be fearless but be a gentleman; otherwise, you will ruin your chance to take out the girl you’ve been eyeing.
-All Women Are Crazy
The idea all women are crazy is old and outdated! All of us have a little bit of a crazy side, and when it comes to women, women are emotional beings and express how they feel often. They are not crazy because of this and men who believe this to be true need to take a look at themselves in the mirror. There are plenty of men who have lied, cheated, and led women on only to leave them at the drop of a hat for someone they find an upgrade.
I share more on The Game of Love Podcast about other common myths about dating women.

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