Ladies, have you ever had sex with a guy, and the days after it, you’ve checked your phone 6.473 times waiting for his text? You can’t stop thinking about him, imagining yourself as Mrs. Insert His Last Name and you’re obsessing over him.
Suddenly, your entire world is consumed by him.
If this is happening to you, ladies, chances are you’ve been dickmatized.
Dickmatized is when you start to catch feelings for a guy because the sex is fantastic.
It happens often, and when it does, it can cloud our judgment and thinking about the man we just slept with.
So how do we get dickmatized?
During sex, an array of chemicals are naturally created within the brain and sent carousing throughout the body. The hormones produced during sex like oxytocin, testosterone, dopamine, Vasopressin, and prolactin all produce physical and behavioral effects upon us.
Two of those hormones, oxytocin, and dopamine are best friends, and they feed off each other and work together.
Now, two of the hormones: oxytocin and dopamine are best friends. They feed off each other and work together. Oxytocin gives us the warm fuzzy feelings in our hearts, butterflies in our stomachs and has us lost in Pinterest for hours planning our dream wedding. Dopamine is released during gratifying experiences such as taking drugs, smoking, eating, and having sex.
When they work together especially during sex, they can drive us to unexplained obsession, infatuation, and neediness to a man. A bonding occurs, and we want more intimacy and pleasure with him. For roughly 3 weeks, dopamine builds up and triggers the oxytocin, next thing you know you are all over his dick and madly in love with him.
So how do you get over the guy you just slept with and get yourself through being dickmatized?
Here are 7 tips to getting over him after sex
Have Compassion For Yourself
Hormone and chemicals are coursing through your body causing these feelings, thoughts, and emotions and you have to remind yourself that you are not alone. It happens to every woman at some point, and it’s ok to feel like this.
When you start to feel stir crazy about him, give yourself some love.
Practice positive Self Talk
Positive self-talk will be your biggest ally against dickmatization. When you find yourself being carried away with incessant thoughts and daydreaming, kindly tell yourself, “It’s ok baby. You are just dickmatized. Time to put the phone down and do something fun.”
Be Clear About What You Want
If you’re not clear about what you want or who you want, your hormones will decide for you. Here are some questions you should be asking yourself.
Are you looking for a relationship or just to have fun?
Is he good for you?
Does he improve your life?
Would being with him be good for you?
Was the sex worth it?
Who is the man behind the dick?
Create an Action Plan
With each romantic situation being unique…your plan of action is going to vary. To create an effective plan, this will require you to step away from your situation emotionally and see it from a non-objective perspective.
You’ll NEED to be your own dating coach.
Perhaps you will have to decide that you need to distance yourself from him until you’re emotionally stable and cut off all contact. Maybe you’ll decide to just have fun with him and not pursue anything else outside of that, or you’ll want to continue a relationship with him. Whatever it is, creating a plan for what you want and what is right for you is essential to combatting the dick.
If creating an action plan is difficult you, envision what your most trusted friends or advisor would say to you about your situation.
You can’t get over being dickmatized with a snap of your fingers. You won’t be able to get rid of the thought of him as quick as you want. Sometimes, you have just to ride it out, but these tips will help you feel more composed, more rational and keep you in check when you find yourself in a ridiculous crush.
Check out more tips and tricks about getting over him from Jessica on the Game of Love Podcast.

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