7 Secrets to Manifesting Love

We hope you enjoy your free gift. These secrets have changed the lives of many. May your journey continue in Love, Light, and Prosperity.

7 secrets to manifesting love

  1. Burn Bridges

Cut ties with your exes….Delete, block and walk away! Leave your exes in the past and don’t allow them to interfere with your future love! When working with Jessica, she will take you through a spiritual cord cutting to cleanse yourself of relationship residue to feel ready to invite a new love into your life. If you are feeling like you have not been successful with this to move onto to next secret click here to schedule yourself a free consulation with Jessica.

  1. The Traffic Light List

To make a quality control list is to set an intention and to place a clear order of your ideal partner to the universe, like you would place a specific coffee order at Starbucks, you would never just say give me a coffee drink. Create what Jessica calls a “Traffic Light List.” This list will be your GPS in your love life. This Traffic Light List will tell you when to move forward and when to stop!

  • Write down 20 of the most important things you’re looking for in a partner. These can be physical, emotional, spiritual, and personal.
  • Choose 5 must have’s and those are your “Green Lights.”
  • Create 5 deal breaker’s which are your “Red Lights.”
  • All remaining list items are considered the qualities that would be nice to have in a partner which are your “Yellow Lights.”
  • This list gives you clear directions. When dating someone you will REQUIRE “Green Lights” to continue dating. If they have ANY “Red Lights” they are automatically disqualified from dating even if they have your required “Green Lights”. The “Yellow Light” qualities are not required and are a great bonus
  1. Make Spiritual Space for Love

When you make space in your life this means that you free up time and energy for the right person. STOP dating, texting, and sleeping with people who do not align with your “Traffic Light List.” When you are misusing your time this way you are energetically blocking the right person from entering your life because you are sending mixed signals to the universe about your love order.

  • Make space in your heart and headspace. Replace thoughts of exes with positive affirmations for future love.
  • “I believe something amazing will happen to me”. “My Soulmate walks the Earth this very day.” “I am open to giving and receiving love.”
  • Make time in your schedule to go on dates, be out, and available to organically meet people.
  • Be conscientious when using Social Media and Dating Apps. Don’t entertain people you already know are a NO. This is a waste of your time!
  1. Trust Your Journey

Timing is Divine and your life is unfolding perfectly, as is the universe and the lives of everyone else. This is all part of The Plan. “People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.” ~Unknown.

  • EVERYONE serves a purpose on your spiritual journey. It can be sweet and beautiful, or difficult and heart breaking. TRUST that the people who come into your life are there for a reason.
  • Practicing Non Attachment. The “seasonal” Relationship has an expiration date. It’s ok, let it go when it is over. Practice non attachment so that we do not cling to relationships, walking away when it is not meant to be. Having reverence and gratitude for the experience.
  • Karmic & Law of Attraction. When Karma is good, the universe will align you with people of the same vibration perhaps bringing in relationships that will last a lifetime.
  1. Stay Cool, Calm & Collected

Being equanimous is to maintain calmness within yourself regardless of the people and things happening around you. When dating you want to be the most steadfast to navigate the unknowns and the ups and downs that come with dating. Being ‘unfuckablewith’ or equanimous means that you are in a level headspace consistently. You are calm, composed, and stable because you trust that the universe provided you with wins and challenges that are for your highest and best good. This gives you the gumption to stand YOUR ground while making dating decisions that serve you and keep you from crippling heartbreak.

  • Take heart in knowing that everyone has been hurt and is scared of rejection. None of us get out alive! The human experience in full of misfortunes and blessings. Good news, it is your choice of how you perceive and respond to it. Stay calm and carry on.
  • Mantra to use, “I am at peace with myself and my surroundings.”
  1. LOVE is Everywhere

: Love is a Spectrum and comes in many forms. Love is in the form of family, friends, pets, yoga, hobbies and more. Filling up on all forms of love will help you feel less inclined to connect with the wrong people out of desperation. This will all you to date from a position of want vs need.

  • It’s ok to feel needy! We are human and do have needs, recognize your needs and find healthy ways to satisfy them.
  • If you’re having difficulties with this do some soul searching and experimenting to find out what does fill you up.
  1. Don’t Go it Alone

Surround yourself with good people who can be sounding boards and advisors. Talking to others helps eliminate confusion, get with your minded friends and Family for support. Jessica is here for you and can help you navigate the complex and seemingly frightening world of dating, her services range from instant advice, to complete transformational dating coaching on your journey. All of her services are listed on her website and she is available for a free consultation with you. All you have to do it click here to schedule YOURS!

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