Meet Jessica Smith

Meet Jessica
Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith is a Dating Coach who uses unique techniques to help people confidently and enthusiastically navigate the world of dating and manifest the love they are looking for.

Her life long study of Human Development, relationships, and Spiritual modalities has given her a unique gift to coach individuals from all walks of life. Jessica offers online and in person Dating Coaching that you will not find anywhere else. Jessica Smith is a dual certified International Yoga Instructor and received her degree in Psychology.

Her Story……

In the midst of leading international world-class yoga retreats, workshops and private classes, Jessica Smith had a spiritual awakening; another branch of her business bloomed overnight. All at once Smith’s clientele started asking for dating advice. As a master in the dating world others began to pick up on her etiquette. Jessica offers a safe space for her clients to feel more confident, sexy, empowered, and supported. She is your corner man in the ring, for dating, in your match for love as she gracefully educates her clients so that they may know themselves and their opponent well.

Jessica finds purpose in offering self -love techniques, dating Q&A, and therapeutic mental reframing. Her clients achieve breakthroughs in self worth and become more magnetic and attractive because they now know her secret.

Jessica Smith has coached individuals from single men and women, to professional athletes, film producers, executives, and single divorced parents. As well as being a public speaker, Jessica stars as a Dating Coach in the documentary, LEAP. Jessica was honored as an Ambassador for Jade Yoga Mat, PrAna Influencer, as well as an international Circle of Grace Member for Zohba, reserved for a small, elite group of leading and inspiring teachers.


“My mission is to help everyone love themselves and have happy, healthy and fulfilling love lives. – Jessica Smith

About Jessica Smith


What Her Clients Have to Say…..

  • ~Jessica took me under her wing when I was lost after my divorce, helped me to find the woman I always knew I was and how to find the love I've always been looking for!  She continues to be a solid source of support, strength and comfort.  She’s become the person I seek advice from when I need help with relationships, life, and work. The woman I am today is in part to her support and programs.  I am so grateful and will be one of her greatest advocates for the rest of my life!

    Tiffany H. Colorado, USA
  • ~Jessica is an amazing teacher...patient and loving. Her insight, wisdom and beautiful equanimity made all of our classes opportunities for growth and self-reflection. Her compassion was always present.~

    Retreat Attendee Canada
  • ~I wish Jessica could move to my town! I’ve never had a yoga teacher be so motivating and push me to be my full potential! Even after one week, I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in. She is an amazing role model!~

    Amy A. Minnesota, USA
  • ~Jessica is amazingly talented, gentle and informative. Always has a positive attitude and is able to connect with anyone! Beautiful practice, beautiful person and great choice in music. Great voice which is very calming during class.~

    Jane M. USA
  • ~Amazing talented, gentle and informative. Always has a positive attitude and is able to connect with anyone! Beautiful practice, beautiful person and great choice in music. Great voice which is very calming during class.~

    Regan C. Saskatchewan, Canada
  • ~IT CHANGED MY LIFE! I'm vibrating! I'm glowing! I feel powerful, feminine, confident, smart and sexy! You give all of you to each and every person! From teacher to teacher, you're an inspiration! No words can express what you've done for me. You're a blessing and I am so grateful you were brought into my life! I'm forever changed for the better!~

    Risa L. Toronto, Canada
  • ~I love your wisdom, equanimous essence and your ability to gauge your clients and read them. I am in awe of how much people open up to you and how personal and professional your lessons are. The retreat overall was a cosmic union of goddesses emerging from their hurt and into their divinity!~

    Audrey C. California, USA
  • ~At first I thought you were the best yoga teacher in the world because you were my only yoga instructor. Now, four years later and many yoga teachers later, I KNOW you are amazing, gifted and BEST yoga instructor.~

    Audrey S. Colorado, USA
  • ~Jessica is truly one of the loveliest, most inspiring and beautiful people I have met. What I learned, experienced and will leave with is surely above what I could have imagined. I am grateful to have met Jessica, to have got to stay at Blue Spirit, to enjoy the Costa Rican way of life and for every minute and experience.~

    Emily P. Toronto, Canada