Real Truths About Men

Let’s Talk Real Truths about Men! I sat down with an incredible human to discuss some real truths about men. Truths about what men are yearning for in relationships, in connecting with other men [...]

Heartbreak Recovery

💔Heartbreak Recovery❤️   I hear stories of heartbreak all the time. Story after story of poor timing, incompatibility and, of course, betrayal. All saying, “I’ve been hurt [...]

Don’t Chase Him

Too often I see women chasing after men when really they should be walking away and moving onto someone who will invest in them. The chasing frequently starts after they’ve slept together when [...]

Don’t Pinch Me

I haven’t always been the confident and self loving person I am today. Once upon a time, I was much more fit, extremely obsessed with my body and put too much energy and emphasis on my [...]

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