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Manifesting Love Meditation

❤️Manifesting Love Meditation❤️ ✨Ready to call in your Soulmate? ✨Yearning for the dream relationship? ✨Want to be a magnetic to attract love? Manifesting Love Guided Meditation opens the spiritual gateway
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Jessica Contemplating in Blue Dress

The Fire That Burns Within Me

There’s a fire that burns within me that is relentless and undying. It’s my divine duty, my dharma, my life purpose to do my part in elevating the collective consciousness,
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The Rising of the Fierce

Eckhart Tolle walked onto the Denver stage and asked, “why did you choose to incarnate at this time?”   Instantly I knew my answer. I am strong and loving enough
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The One Powerful Secret you Must use in your Dating Life

What are we doing wrong? Dating can be hard, stressful…  and downright confusing. When we are dating it seems as though we’re constantly questioning ourselves and our next moves. Every
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Header 5 Things to Find Love This Year

Do These 5 Things to Find Love in 2020!

Find love and find it now What do I want in 2020? Love for all of you! That’s why I’m giving you the five things you must do this year
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How to Answer the 4 Most Common Questions About Your Love Life

  Today’s episode just might save your holiday season regardless of your relationship status. In this episode of the Game of Love Podcast, Jessica gives you guidance on how to
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Holiday Help and 2020 Love Predictions: What You Need to Know

  In this episode of Game of Love, Jessica does her 2019 year in review of the dating world in 2019 and navigating this holiday season. She also shares her
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The Real Talk on Men and Relationships with Geoff Laughton

  Geoff Laughton is a Relationship Architect and Coach, International Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Workshop Leader. He has spent the last twenty-one years coaching people worldwide, with a particular passion
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Manifesting Love Part 2 with Ashton August

  Ashton August is the Founder and Editorial Director of, an online yoga + healthy lifestyle magazine. In Part 2 of this conversation, Jessica and Ashton take a deeper dive into
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How to Survive the Holiday Season Single or Coupled Up

Thanksgiving is about celebrating, appreciating, giving thanks for everything we have in our life. But it comes with its challenges.  Single or coupled up, you deserve to have the best
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