🐝Dating Tip: Men’s Bumble Don’ts🐝

Gentleman, here are some tips to help with your online dating success!

1. Don’t make your first photo dorky, a group photo, or a photo with someone better looking than you. Put your best photo first!

2. Don’t post the shirtless bathroom photo or the fish picture. Colorado guys, we all know you love the outdoors and are excellent fishermen, but skip the fish picture.

3. Don’t skip writing your profile! If you don’t have the time to write that- you don’t have time to date or have a relationship.

4. Don’t make your profile a SNL skit. Be real…talk about what you’re looking for, and, of course, who you are. Feel free to add a little sarcasm, humor or whatever floats your boat. Write for your audience! Not for your bruhs!

5. Don’t have all of your pictures with other people, have all sunglasses in your photos, hiding your bald head, or pictures of scenery without you in them. Women need to know who YOU are!

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