Too often I see women chasing after men when really they should be walking away and moving onto someone who will invest in them.

The chasing frequently starts after they’ve slept together when the woman’s hormonal state is heightened with oxytocin and dopamine. (Watch my video, “oxytocin crazies” to learn more) Her biology has her solely focused on the man she just mated with. It’s just evolution, not her being needy or crazy. ⚡️

Biologically speaking, men are hunters and usually don’t respond well to being chased. They are primarily driven by testosterone and dopamine. These two hormones make him feel masculine and hungry…..

~Hungry for life.

~Hungry for love.

~Hungry for sex.

~Hungry for you.

~ And just flat out hungry. 🦁

The thing is, men NEED to pursue women. Not chase but pursue. There’s a difference. Chasing is needy and unhealthy. Pursuing is healthily going after and putting effort into what they want. Pursuing is a biological primal need. It’s ancestral and hormonal driven.

💡Men VALUE what they work for.

If they work hard and make money-
they value the money.💵

If they lift and have an amazing body-
they value that body.💪🏽

If they put time and energy into you-
they value you.🤴🏻🤴🏼🤴🏾🤴🏿

Remember ladies:
If he’s not pursuing you- he’s not interested and it’s time to move on. DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY….there are tons of amazing men out there that would love to call, date and marry your beautiful self! 😘❤️

And, if he’s pursuing… He’s interested!😉

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