💔Heartbreak Recovery❤️
I hear stories of heartbreak all the time. Story after story of poor timing, incompatibility and, of course, betrayal. All saying, “I’ve been hurt and I don’t want to be hurt again.” 💔
The sad truth is, everyone has been hurt…one way or another. Their particular story of heartbreak might be different however heartbreak is universal.
Heartbreak does not discriminate based on gender, age, race….no one is left out.
Some people stay in the fearful heartbroken place. They close their hearts and choose to not let anyone close to them again. That plan can sound very appealing to someone who’s had their heart destroyed.
However, they are now closed to future possibilities of love as well.
The good news is that when you’re out dating the person you’re having coffee with has been hurt too, knows your pain and has the same fears of it happening again. It levels the playing field between you two and can be actually be the foundation of a stronger, healthier and more intimate relationship.
How to recover from heartbreak:
Feel your emotions. Let yourself be sad, pissed and whatever else you’re feeling.
Reflect on the relationship that ended, learn what you did wrong, learn how it was a gift to you and vow to make healthy changes for yourself and your future partners. Then, move on. Don’t bring your past heartbreak into you future relationships. Open your heart to love…all love.
You might just be surprised that love after heartbreak can be the deepest, truest and healthiest love of all.

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