One of the scariest parts of dating is not knowing if the man you’re into likes you in return. We spend countless hours crushing hard on him, and when we do, there are so many feelings and questions going through our mind and body that make our rational thoughts fly out the window.
The period of frequent questioning occurs in what I call the awkward phase. This phase happens between the first date and the commitment date. In the awkward phase, we aren’t quite sure what the relationship status. There is also a high likelihood that he has shown that he likes us and we have missed his signs because we are susceptible to high levels of oxytocin and dopamine that can cause irrational thinking and potential confusion about him and his feelings towards us.
Before you go asking him what you are to him and frantically panicking over if he’ll ever ask you to become his girlfriend, here are 5 signs that show he is into you.
He Calls You
Making actual phone calls to someone you like is a rare occurrence these days, but if he has called you especially multiple times, that is a good sign he is into you. No matter what decade he was born in, if he likes you, he will call you to ask about your day, invite you on a date again or merely to hear your beautiful voice.
Pay attention to what he is saying to you on the phone. He will tell you everything you need to know about how he feels about you.
He Listens to You
If he is paying attention to you when you talk, asks you questions about your upbringing and is genuinely interested in what you have to say, he values his time with you. When a man appreciates his time with a woman, there is nothing close that could take his attention away from you.
He Responds to Your Texts in a Timely Manner
This sign is a little tricky because of how accessible we are to each with our phones and the ever-growing list full of responsibilities we have to fulfill. However, if he responds to your texts instantly or within a couple hours, he’s making you a priority. If does not respond to your texts in a timely manner or at all, more than likely he is not into you.
He Makes Time to Be with You
As busy as everyone is with work, family, and errands when he likes you he will make time for you no matter what he has on his plate. Men make time for women they see themselves having a future with so if he has hung out with you on an ongoing basis and it is consistent, chances are you matter to him much more than you think.
He Introduces You to His Friends and Family
Even if it’s not a formal gathering to meet his parents or his best friend from college, it still means something if he invites to have a beer and watch the game with him and his guys. It says that he thinks highly of you and wants you to meet the people closest to him.
So if he asks you to join him on Football Sunday with him and his friends, better brush up on your football knowledge.
Hopefully, these signs will help you determine if he’s into you or not when you’re feeling overwhelmed with emotions. I also talk about more signs that show he likes you on an episode of The Game of Love Podcast that you can listen to on Apple, Google Play, and more.

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