Why has it become cool not to care?

I’ve been paying attention. Something is going on in the dating world, and I don’t like it! It has become cool not to care.

We all want to avoid pain, especially in our dating and love lives. We are doing whatever we can to prevent heartbreak.

People are choosing to not care for others to protect themselves. But the moment you start caring, you will find more profound love and connection—let me show you how!

Stop letting fear win!

Making dating decisions based on fear is not working. I’m making you a firm promise: You can have feelings/fall in love and not fall apart if things don’t work out. You will be fine!

Heartbreak has destroyed you in the past. But it’s ‘destroyed’ you because you don’t view yourself as a whole outside of a relationship.

A lot of people equate being single with inadequacy. When we suffer a breakup, not only does it hurt to lose that person, it also diminishes our self-worth.

Not caring is what is keeping us from giving love another chance! Caring about the outcome, and caring about the other person, can be so very beautiful. Let’s try it out. Together.

These myths are closing us off from love

These are the myths that make us not care and make us terrible dates and lonely humans.

Myth #1: I should do everything I can to keep myself from looking like a fool.

When we were kids, and we had a crush on someone, it was embarrassing when people found out. As we got older, we held onto that type of embarrassment. In a lot of ways, we still act like the little kid that had their crush exposed. So we do everything we can to hide our true feelings in fear of people finding out.

Myth #2: I must keep my heart safe and unbroken.

We assume that by not letting anybody in, we can avoid pain and suffering. We keep our feelings hidden to protect our hearts. Unavailable people have boundaries and walls up. You can’t always see it, but you can feel it.

Myth #3: If I ignore the feelings, they’ll go away.

We hope that if we deny our feelings, we won’t have them. Denying your feelings for someone also means rejecting the potential for love and connection.

These myths numb our feelings of love. They prevent us from positive emotions in other areas of our lives.

If you’re disengaged and not allowing yourself to feel, your performance at work will suffer. Your relationships with your friends will suffer. Your dates will be surface level and will be nothing more than disposable.

Care more. Love more. Be fully content.

What would the world be like if it was the opposite? What if it was COOL to CARE? What if you let go of the myths and the lies that have been keeping you from love.

Dating would be more fulfilling, more fun, and right now, dating is tumultuous. And if you made it cool to care, dating would be a pleasant experience.

Find more respectful, thoughtful and intimate relationships. Take that risk. Follow your heart.

Listen to the Game of Love podcast to dive deeper and harness the power of caring. Create a world where it’s not safe to love; it’s safe to care, and to get all the love you deserve!



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