Love it or loathe it, Valentines Day is upon us.
For single people, this holiday can be scarier than Halloween with its frightening reminder that they’re not with someone special. They may take on a dismissive attitude about the holiday and choose to ignore it. They decide not to turn the night into a fun evening with loved ones.
Others feel painfully rejected by it. As Valentine’s Day reserves it’s romance for people who have been so lucky to have found love and every Zales Jewelry commercial brings nothing but heartache.
So how can suffering singles and lonely lovers survive this haunting holiday?
You have to stop forcing love and looking for it. Love will come to you when you are ready and willing to let go of forcing it.
A lot can change in a year, a day, even one moment can change your life.
Let me tell you a story.
A year ago, I unexpectedly embarked on a fairytale whirlwind romance that had me all in lust.  In the very early stages of this love story, I was working in Nepal leading a spiritual, humanitarian expedition with Global Orphan Prevention.
I was sitting in an open-air restaurant eating amazing Nepali curry in Pokhara with one of my beautiful clients. She and I had become close throughout our beautiful and intense journey, so I felt comfortable to share my secret love for a man with her.
She saw first hand how fast I was falling for him and she smiled at me saying “Oh, we love to love, don’t we?” She explained that she had made peace with the fact that she may be alone forever.
She had everything she needed; her cat, amazing and beautiful loved ones, a great career and plenty of freedom to do whatever she wished. She felt that she’d never get married and would live her life as a single woman.
Her acceptance was astoundingly beautiful. She was happy, peaceful and rather monklike. I’ve rarely seen another person so tranquil and at peace with their singlehood.
Well, the universe had something up its sleeve as it always does.
Weeks later we returned back to the states, and as she returned to her normal life, a bit of a miracle occurred. After she came out and said she gave up on looking for love, she unexpectedly met someone who was a total catch and loved her. She later told me how shocked she was that this had happened to her.
I, however, was not shocked that this had happened. When we stop looking or trying so hard to force love or force being with someone, that is when the universe conspires to give it to us.
This morning, I received news of her engagement and a wedding this summer. I was beyond excited and thrilled for her.
So if you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone this year or you may feel you have given up on love, here are some ways you can prepare yourself for this Valentine’s Day to be the last one you spend alone.
Treat Yourself like a Queen or King
Make that amazing candlelight dinner, crack open that bottle of scotch, put some beautiful flowers on the table, soak in the rose petaled bathtub, turn on some R&B, Make the night about honoring and enjoying YOU!
Enjoying Time with Friends and Loved Ones
Who says your Valentine couldn’t be your grandma, bestie, your 7-year-old nephew or your Yorkie named Chopper?! Love is love so let’s celebrate and enjoy it!  Go out with your friends for the night or hang out with those closest to you. It makes the holiday so much more fun and enjoyable, and you realize how powerful love is!
Remind Yourself That You Are Not Alone and Have People Who Love You
Stop right now and think of all the people who love you! You ARE not alone. A record-setting number of singles in the United States are celebrating alone this year. There are 8 Billion people in this world. There is someone out there looking for what you have to offer!
Yes, this time next year, you could be madly in love sharing a wonderful romantic dinner for two and engaging in a long night of love and passion.
But for now treat yourself this Valentine’s Day and let it be the catalyst to the love you are looking for.

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