Ahhh, the revered yoga girl. You’ve seen her out sipping chai, sporting her booty hugging Lululemons with her messy post yoga hair. She appears light and breezy with an air of sensuality. Even though, at the forefront of your mind you’re thinking about what you could do with her flexible body, she’s much more than a pretty asana. Before you embark on this spiritual endeavor or just try to get her your yoga pants there are some things you should know.
  1. No More Frauds.
    • Look, yogini’s want to get real with you. She wants to know about your life, challenges, dreams, hopes, fears, intellect…she doesn’t have time for small talk, games or any other bullshit. Keep it 100 with her no matter if its just a hook up or a LTR (Long Term Relationship). Go deep or go home.
  2. Do You Yoga, Bruh?
    • If you’re not unrolling your mat and striking your best Warrior II….You’re probably going to be encouraged to do so. She wants you to experience all the amazing benefits yoga has to offer and be part of her sacred practice.  The spiritual goddess wants her spiritual King. She’s yearning for her spiritual match.
  3. A Queen without the Drama.
    • Even though she might be a recovering hot mess this yogini has been doing her spiritual self work. She’s more composed and in control of her emotional state. She’s not going to lose her cool, gossip about others and start shit with you. You fuck around with her and take advantage of her equanimous aka Unfuckwithable nature, you’ll find yourself unfollowed, unfriended, deleted and blocked from her life.  Disclaimer: she is still imperfectly perfect feminine and will lose it from time to time.
  4. Feeling Herself.
    • This girl has taken a good look at herself. She is aware of her emotional and physical strengths and weaknesses. A Yogini embraces and celebrates her mind, body and soul. From her level of curvaceousness , sassy attitude, beautiful mind and not so sexy parts of her. Though her confidence is unwavering, she will humbly tell you she’s a work in progress and might occasionally enjoy checking out her own booty in the mirror.
  5. Hush Your Mouth.
    •  Gentlemen, don’t say, “Wow, I bet you’re flexible”. Just don’t. She’s heard it from almost every guy she’s mentioned that she practices yoga to. When men hear that a girl does yoga, they think about the probability of her legs behind her head or doing the splits on top of him. Don’t be a douche. However, if you are blessed enough to find yourself in the Goddess’s bed then a, “Wow, yoga has really paid off for you” wouldn’t be a terrible idea!
  6. Woo Woo Alter!
    • Chakras, universe, asana, energy are some terms you’re gonna have to get used to hearing if you’re going to date this divine diva. She has a sacred look on life and will communicate in this manner. She might do or say things that weird you out. Perhaps you see her meditation space full of crystals, tarot cards, spiritual deities, sage and other exotic objects. Just roll with it….you might just learn something and enjoy yourself.
  7. Catching Feels.
    • Yes, she’s been hurt, broken hearted and dragged through the mud a couple times! Yet, she keeps her heart charka open for the right people. She is discerning about who’s energy she’s around. If your aura is good she might just let you into her world. She’s not scared to catch feelings for the right spiritual warrior. If you have a “feels phobia” you can keep your asana away. But if you’re ready to experience some magic, step your Shiva self over here.
Gentlemen, yogini’s are a special breed….You treat her like a Goddess, she will treat you like a King and she might balance your chakras in the process! Remember what the late great, Bob Marley, said, “If she’s amazing, she won’t be easy. If she’s easy, she won’t be amazing. If she’s worth it, you won’t give up. If you give up, you’re not worthy.”

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