Packing List for Nepal

The months of October and November happen to be the best months for visiting Nepal! The weather and visibility during this month are just perfect for trekking and outdoor activities. The average daytime temperatures are around 68°F while they can drop to 40°F at night (especially in the foothills).

The other important thing to keep in mind is that there is a huge shortage of electricity and that the electricity board carries out load shedding throughout the day. Most parts do not have electricity for 5 to 8 hours. While our hotel will have backup generators, we won’t have electricity while in the field. We recommend you bring a small power bank (also check your airline policy if flying through China as they have regulations on how batteries should be packed).

Note: Most of these items on the list you can purchase in Kathmandu, so don’t worry if you miss something! It’s often cheaper as well.



___ Internal Frame Backpack (it’s recommended that you don’t use a suitcase)


  • Katie’s Packing Tips: Pack light! Also vacuum pack your items by putting clothing in Ziplocs or plastic grocery bags and stuffing them into your backpack. Add dryer sheets for freshness!


___ Smaller lightweight daypack or fanny pack (may be part of your big pack)




Instead of bringing a lot of clothes it is better to wash them and use them. While selecting clothes to pack, you should pack clothes made of cotton/poly bends which do not wrinkle / wring out, but are easier to wash/ pack and dries fast.

For our female guests, you will need to dress conservatively for cultural reasons; nothing that shows your shoulders and wear longer shorts (when we’re practicing yoga/meditation at the hotel, you will be able to wear whatever you choose).

___ 1 pair of study, well broken in hiking boots or sturdy


___ 1 pair flip-flops

___ 3 pairs of socks (two pair should be wool or    


___ 1 pair of thin, synthetic liner socks highly     

       recommended for preventing blisters

___ 1 pair pants – lighter weight, synthetic fabric or wool

      (jeans are okay)

___ 1 pair shorts – synthetic/nylon/quick-dry are great for


___ 3 pairs of underwear (1 pair of poly)

___ 1 lightweight short-sleeved shirt

___ 1 swimsuit

___ 1 pair long underwear top and bottoms –

       polypro, silk, or polartec

___ 1 medium to heavy weight top layer – wool

       sweater or fleece

___ 1 waterproof rain jacket or Poncho

___ 1 sunglasses or sun hat

___ 1 warm hat, fleece or wool, for chilly nights



___ Passport

___ 2 xerox copies of Passport (one to keep separate

from your passport and one for us)

___ 4x passport-sized photos (for visa on arrival)

___ Plane Ticket

___ Travel Insurance

___ $200 cash (big bills)

___ Money belt

___ Debit/Credit Card (ATMs in city)

___ Vaccines (ask your medical professional)

___ Water bottle (Nalgene or similar)

___ Water Filter or SteriPEN Water Purifier

___ Hand sanitizer

___ Headlamp with extra batteries

___ Sunscreen

___ Insect repellent

___ Toiletries (Ladies please note you won’t be

       inclined to wear a lot of makeup)

___ Camping Towel

___ Inflatable Travel Pillow (you’ll be using this while

       in the field)

___ Swiss Army type pocket knife w/ bottle opener,

corkscrew, and scissors

___ Tampons (they aren’t common outside major


___ Leave expensive jewelry, watches, etc at home

___ Toilet paper in a ziplock bag

___ Spare glasses or contact lenses (and copy of

your optical prescription)

___ Power travel converter and adapter


___ Sleeping Bag or Sleep Sack (you won’t want to use

provided blankets)

___ Sleeping Pad

___ Cell phone

___ USB drive

___ Book

___ Carabiners

___ Mask (for pollution)

___ Journal

___ Camera w/ extra batteries & SD cards

___ Power bank

___ Face wipes

___ Emergen-C or similar

___ Granola Bars

___ Nepali Phrasebook (you can purchase in Kathmandu)

___ Binoculars

___ Backpack cover (waterproof, slip-on)

___ First-Aid Kit

___ Water Purification Tablets or Iodine (for


___ Personal Medication (w/ prescription)

___ Small calculator for converting money

___ Bandana

___ Sewing/repair kit (tailors are plentiful in the cities)

___ Watch with alarm

___ Yoga Mat

___ Donations for children (educational supplies,

learn-to-read books, soccer balls/jump rope, art

supplies, clothing, toys, dark-skinned dolls,