ELEVATE NEPAL: Spiritual Humanitarian Expedition

ELEVATE NEPAL: Spiritual Humanitarian Expedition
In the heart of the Himalayan Valley. February 9th-18th, 2019

Are you yearning to deepen your spiritual connection?

Craving to immerse yourself in culture and adventure?

Wish you could make a difference in the world and vacation at the same time?

ELEVATE NEPAL is the expedition for you!

This once in a lifetime adventure will immerse you in a spiritual and humanitarian experience unlike any other. With International Yoga Instructor & Dating Coach Jessica Smith and Katie Hilborn, the Founder & Executive Director of Global Orphan Prevention, you’ll be exploring breath-taking spiritual sights and giving back through volunteer work with the people of Nepal in the heart of the Himalayan Valley.

This adventure is dedicated to empowering your spiritual growth with daily yoga and meditation practices led by Jessica Smith. Our amazing hospitality partners will provide 4-star accommodations, fantastic traditional Nepali meals and safari-style camping that will take you deep into the heart of the Himalayas where you will have exclusive access to Buddhist and Hindu temples, monuments, artifacts, and much more to give you the cultural experience of a lifetime!

February in Nepal is GORGEOUS! Average daytime temperatures ranging from 70-78 Degrees and evening temperatures ranging 40-50 Degrees.

“My favorite part of the trip was traveling to the villages and meeting the Nepali people.Being exposed to this Nepali culture, and the peoples’ ability to have peace amidst, what I perceived as chaos and disorder, was so endearing. I think, in retrospect, the trip reframed my life and changed my perspective on what is important and what is just wasted agitation. I believe I am changed by this experience.” 

-Susan Scheuermann (Retreat attendee 2017)

About Global Orphan Prevention

Global Orphan Prevention was founded in the summer of 2011 after discovering that 85% of children in Nepal orphan homes had living parents (UNICEF). That first summer was spent investing in farming business opportunities for widowed or abandoned mothers so they could afford to keep their children. That scope has now extended to addressing preventable maternal and newborn mortality, and child sex trafficking or ‘orphan’ trafficking. They use social entrepreneurship, microfinance, a safe birthing program, and education to help eliminate the problems.

They operate as a 501(c)3 nonprofit entity and all charitable contributions are tax exempt. Learn more: www.GlobalOrphanPrevention.org


Global Orphan Prevention

Price is all inclusive except flights. 20% of the total proceeds from Elevate: Nepal will be donated to Global Orphan Prevention, a 501c3 nonprofit organization working to keep mothers and children together through social entrepreneurship, educational opportunities, and safe birthing programs.

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