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What are your rules for dating?

The dating world is more frustrating than ever. It’s filled with apps and online sites, overloading people with options that they never had before. People are afraid of connecting due to the fear of missing out and potentially becoming broken hearted. It looks like dating is getting harder and harder to do and more of us just want to give up.

As a dating and relationships coach, I get tons of messages, emails, comments from women who tell me how tired they are of dating.

Two of the most common messages I get from women are…

“I’m picky, I don’t want to settle for just any man.“
“I want to have a great relationship but I’m tired of waiting for it.”

I used to feel the same way you do.

I used to feel tired and impatient from going out on first dates wishing that I could fast forward to the end result so I didn’t feel like I was wasting my time.

I was drained from telling my story over and over again.

I just wanted to end up in a loving and healthy relationship and just skip all the B.S.

Sound Familiar?

If it does, you’re not alone.

We all want to fast forward to a happy ending but the thing is, the world of dating has changed and it has new rules.

As strong, independent women we have to learn to play by these new rules so dating can be enjoyable, fun, and exciting again.

When I learned the new rules, I was able to date more authentically and effectively which led me to be more present, have fun, and connect with the men I was dating.

As your coach, I know you will see how fun and exciting dating can be. Working with me, you’ll experience my unique dating programs that combines spirituality with tactics and tools to help find the love you’ve always wanted. Working with a coach is powerful and I know you will obtain your ultimate goal with my help and programs. I am here to help you create a more bountiful love life and enjoy dating as I guide, support and teach you through your personal journey.

HERE’S What To Expect

  • Consultations – A free 15 min consultation with me to assess your needs and see if coaching is the right fit.
  • Sessions – Once you book with me we will set up a schedule together.
  • Pricing – Coaching Sessions and packages will be discussed during your initial consultation.
  • Results Oriented Programming – Each program is tailored to you and your needs. You can expect awesome results and finally find the love you been looking for. Past clients have manifested romance, created happiness in their life while cultivating self-love and awareness for a more fulfilling life.

Are you ready for the real thing? Are you ready to finally put yourself first and totally transform your love life?

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