Don’t Pinch Me

I haven’t always been the confident and self loving person I am today. Once upon a time, I was much more fit, extremely obsessed with my body and put too much energy and emphasis on my appearance.

Simply put….I had some issues!

A man in my life at the time knew I was ridiculous about my bodily obsession. He knew me better than most people. He knew that the most beautiful parts of me were not my rock hard abs but my beautiful intellect, wild spirit and tender loving heart.

Instead of simply saying I was over the top about my body & my weight he took action.

He’d pinch me.

He’d pinch the fattest parts of my body- on a daily basis! Sometimes he’d say, “I love it”….sometimes he’d say nothing at all and sometimes he’d say something like, “Jessica, you’re beautiful, you’ve got a hot body. You could gain 30 pounds and I wouldn’t notice because it doesn’t fucking matter.”

I fucking hated it!

It made me mad.

I felt embarrassed that someone noticed my imperfections that I was so desperately trying to hide while I fixed them.

He’d just chuckle. He knew it drove me crazy but he also knew he had to keep it up to drive his point home.

Thankfully, it worked.

Years later, I’m a completely different woman valuing myself, my worth and body from a much healthier, compassionate and REAL perspective.

Sure I still have moments that I’m concerned about my appearance but overall I live by the words of Dr Seuss, “Those who mind, don’t matter. And those who matter, don’t mind”.

When I date….I want a man to pinch me, to know my body tight and jiggly, to see me with no makeup….to know the good and the not so good parts of me.

Because, it’s who I am. I’d rather have men know the real me and have them decide if they like me or not than the be fake and have them be head over heels in love with a facade.

My love life has never been better!

I am eternally grateful to this man!

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