• This podcast is so helpful and full of amazing tips, Jessica Smith is creative and ready to help the world become ready finding love, Jessica and her sidekick are ready to change the dating world in a great way

    It’s the best podcast ever

    B. Williamson
  • Jessica is an amazing podcast host. Combining her fun loving personality and real life experience; makes for an awesome podcast. Her unbiased approach to men and women makes her advice top notch and useful for all listeners.

    Cam Bruck
  • Jessica, I just listened to your Podcast titled, ‘The Dating Survival Guide - Part 1’. The information contained in this Podcast is very insightful and is so relevant (and current) to today’s dating scene. There is information contained in this Podcast that everyone who listens will get something out of it. Thank you again for sharing this information Jessica, it is truly great stuff!!

    Bri-Guy 999
  • I love the positive upbeat message that Jessica brings. Listening to her podcasts always put me in a great mood and I feel so much better informed about dating in general.

  • Jessica Smith offers amazing advice for those in the dating scene and even if you’re already in a relationship a lot of the subjects she dives into are relevant (hello, putting your phone down on a date)! Her perspective is fresh, authentic, and each episode gives me something new to think about!

  • Where have you been all my life? I absolutely LOVE this podcast! Jessica’s advises are real, solid and she’s hilarious! I love her dating experiences. This podcast is such a thrill to me! Love it!!!!

  • ~Jessica is truly one of the loveliest, most inspiring and beautiful people I have met. What I learned, experienced and will leave with is surely above what I could have imagined. I am grateful to have met Jessica, to have got to stay at Blue Spirit, to enjoy the Costa Rican way of life and for every minute and experience.~

    Emily P. Toronto, Canada
  • ~At first I thought you were the best yoga teacher in the world because you were my only yoga instructor. Now, four years later and many yoga teachers later, I KNOW you are amazing, gifted and BEST yoga instructor.~

    Audrey S. Colorado, USA
  • ~I love your wisdom, equanimous essence and your ability to gauge your clients and read them. I am in awe of how much people open up to you and how personal and professional your lessons are. The retreat overall was a cosmic union of goddesses emerging from their hurt and into their divinity!~

    Audrey C. California, USA
  • ~IT CHANGED MY LIFE! I'm vibrating! I'm glowing! I feel powerful, feminine, confident, smart and sexy! You give all of you to each and every person! From teacher to teacher, you're an inspiration! No words can express what you've done for me. You're a blessing and I am so grateful you were brought into my life! I'm forever changed for the better!~

    Risa L. Toronto, Canada
  • ~Amazing talented, gentle and informative. Always has a positive attitude and is able to connect with anyone! Beautiful practice, beautiful person and great choice in music. Great voice which is very calming during class.~

    Regan C. Saskatchewan, Canada
  • ~I wish Jessica could move to my town! I’ve never had a yoga teacher be so motivating and push me to be my full potential! Even after one week, I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in. She is an amazing role model!~

    Amy A. Minnesota, USA
  • ~Jessica is an amazing teacher...patient and loving. Her insight, wisdom and beautiful equanimity made all of our classes opportunities for growth and self-reflection. Her compassion was always present.~

    Jane L. Canada
  • ~Jessica took me under her wing when I was lost after my divorce, helped me to find the woman I always knew I was and how to find the love I've always been looking for!  She continues to be a solid source of support, strength and comfort.  She’s become the person I seek advice from when I need help with relationships, life, and work. The woman I am today is in part to her support and programs.  I am so grateful and will be one of her greatest advocates for the rest of my life!

    Tiffany H. Colorado, USA