Jessica Contemplating in Blue Dress

There’s a fire that burns within me that is relentless and undying. It’s my divine duty, my dharma, my life purpose to do my part in elevating the collective consciousness, to help end the suffering of my fellow human, and gift others with the ability to live joyously and in harmony with themselves and others. 

My intentions for 2021 are to fan the flames of desire to keep me enthralled with and focused on my spiritual mission.   


I am committed to my purpose by putting my energy, focus and effort into helping those who are ready to transform and love themselves unconditionally while manifesting the love they’re are dreaming of.


I am prosperous and make more money than I ever have before to be secure, proud of myself and live an opulent life that is exciting, fulfilling, and allows me to be unwaveringly generous.


I am exuberant and experience immense passion while doing my divine work, within my day to day life, and in my sex life. I am thrilled to experience sexual exhilaration and intoxication with someone who’s my equal. 

      I showed you mine, now show me yours…..

                    What fuels YOUR fire?! 

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