Are you a woman who is looking for love and a good, healthy relationship? Who isn’t!? I’m here to help you nurture your man—physically, emotionally and mentally with what I call ‘The three F’s.’ These secrets will help him flourish and thrive. He will feel better about himself. He will value your relationship and show up as the partner you deserve. Sounds pretty good, right?

Your man is going to be more confident and content when he feels loved and valued. And that means that your man is going to show up as his best self, especially for you. 

So, what are the 3 F’s? Men need to be fed, fueled and…made love to. (You know what I mean. Wink, wink.)

Us women are complicated creatures! We are emotional beings with various needs. Since we live in a world of complexity, we tend to assume men are complicated as well. Men are wonderful. They are unique, fabulous, and they surprise us regularly. But, they aren’t all that complicated!

Ladies, doing these things for your man is not about you being passive, subservient, and doing everything for your man. This is all about showing up as a partner, a lover, a ride or die, and the woman who sticks by her man. Because a wise woman knows that if her man is thriving, she will thrive too. 

The 3 F’s will help you cater to the needs of a man’s mind, body, and soul. Men are kind of on the societal sh*tlist right now. Let’s bring love back to the men. 

The first F is feed.

Men love to eat. Shoot, we all do! But when men are cooked for and fed, it nurtures their stomachs and their hearts. You know what they say, ‘the quickest way to a man’s heart is his stomach.’ It’s true! Feeding a man makes him feel like he is cared for.  

This warm feeling comes from the very first meal a man had with their mom. Humans equate food with love because the very first person they loved—and that loved them— gave them their very first meal. It’s a profoundly subconscious response.

Cook, you say? Isn’t that what Uber Eats is for? Ladies, you don’t have to be a chef! If you love to cook, cook. I don’t personally love to cook, but if I like a guy, I will make a point to cook for him on date 6 or sometime in the second month of dating. I also tell him, “look I’m not a cook. It’s not my thing, but I like you, and I want to cook you dinner.” This tells him that even though this is something I do not usually do, I like him and think he is special. Cooking is a way for me to show that I’m making an effort because I believe he is worth it.  

Another aspect of feeding your man is eating with him. It is so vital that you eat with him. I don’t care if you are on date 1 or 15, chow down and don’t be afraid! Not eating on a date due to nerves or because you don’t want to look uncouth actually sends the not so great message. There is nothing more attractive than a woman who can joyfully share food with a man. Think about how playful and romantic it is to share nachos or french fries at a game or concert! I’ve heard more than once from a male client that a date went really well, and he loved how she took pleasure in and shared food with him. Food is love, it’s joy, it’s sharing.  It’s pleasure, and it’s an easy and beautiful way to show a man that he matters. 

The second F is F$*k.

Men are sexual creatures! They need to have sex, and they seek it out. When you are out dating, you should know every man you talk to wants to date and have sex. If he’s flirting with you, he wants to have sex with you. If he asks you for your number, he wants to sex with you. Yes. It’s that simple, that basic. 

Ladies, when it comes to your man, find out what he likes and how often he likes it. Think of it as taking his sexual temperature. Know his sex taste. 

Be prepared for what you find out! If he has a high sex drive, you should expect to be at it…a lot! For more on this read my article on Yogi Approved: ‘A girl’s guide to great sex: 8 Empowering tips to have amazing sex every time.’ 

You may be lacking confidence, or your sex drive is pretty low. Maybe you’re feeling a little meh in that department. Head to the article and trust me, it will help you feel sexy and get you into the mood faster!

The third F is fuel.

Fueling a man is all about showing him appreciation, respect, and admiration. Let’s fill our man with love. To fuel your man means you champion his career, his projects, his passions, his endeavors. Does your man show up and make you feel loved? Show your appreciation for him and the effort that he puts into the relationship. As his woman, he needs you to be his number one fan. 

Really, any woman can feed and f&*k a guy. It takes a real-ass woman who is confident, assertive, and secure with herself to fuel a man.

Fueling means you check in with him. Be a soundboard and show that you are there for him. When you check in with your man, you are supporting him as well as empowering him to be the best version of himself. 

The three F’s are all about keeping things simple. If we overcomplicate relationships, sh*t gets confusing. I challenge you to do this: every day make it a goal to do something to feed, f&*k, or fuel your man. You will find that he is not only happier and more fulfilled—you will be too. 




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