VIP Dating Makeover

Let’s Transform Your Love Life

International Dating Coach, Jessica Smith, transforms the “Average Single Person” into A “Dream Partner”!

 Jessica Smith Physically and Emotionally makeovers Successful Single individuals to have Top-Notch Dating Skills, a Killer look & Irrestistible Charm to Confidently Navigate and Thrive in the Dating World to Find Love!


Become Physically & Emotionally Equipped to find the love of your life while having a great time in the process. Have the Ultimate Coach Guiding and Supporting you throughtout your journey to finding deep lasting love.

  •  Feel powerful and at ease when you understand how the opposite sex thinks, feels, and behaves
  • Cleanse & create, release past lovers, finally end the dating patterns with the wrong people, and manifest your ideal partner (man/lady) list
  • Master the Dating Survival Do’s & Don’ts that will Keep You Cool, Calm and Collected while Navigating the exciting & seemingly fightenting World of Dating
  • Discover 5 Secrets to Rock Solid Confidence and showing up POWERFULLY in all parts of your life….From the boardroom to the bedroom
  • Your “Assest Analysis”….Learn how to maximize your best features to feel confident, attractive and powerful
  • Verbal and Nonverbal communication 411, learn how to read your date by their body language, use your own body language to send the right signals, and become an excellent conversationalist
  • Transform your dating life to be happy, healthy, and fulfilling
  • Find the Love of your life!

HERE’S What To Expect

  • Consultations – A free 15 min consultation with me to assess your needs and see if coaching is the right fit.
  • Sessions – Once you book with me we will set up a schedule together.
  • Pricing – Coaching Sessions and packages will be discussed during your initial consultation.
  • Results Oriented Programming – Each program is tailored to you and your needs. You can expect awesome results and finally find the love you been looking for. Past clients have manifested romance, created happiness in their life while cultivating self-love and awareness for a more fulfilling life.