❤️”You Must be in Love, You’re Beaming!”❤️
While leading a transformational retreat in Costa Rica a few years ago a young woman from New Zealand was sharing with the group about how in love she was. We all sat and listened to her joyously talk about her boyfriend. It was quite endearing.
Suddenly, another one of my attendees looked at me and said, “YOU MUST be in love- you’re beaming!” Her words caught me off guard because I was single. I stopped, chuckled and said, “I appreciate you remarking on my happiness. I’m actually super single. I’m just happy with myself and my life!”
She looked utterly shocked and stared at me for a few moments, studying me, “OH my god, what are you going to be like when you ARE in love!”
Truth be told, I had come a long way! I wasn’t always so content and happy being single!! My happiness used to be contingent on a man being in my life. I reeked of desperation and neediness constantly looking for Mr. Right.
I had put in the “spiritual work” to go from lonely to illuminating. Doing Yoga, meditation, tons of therapy and self exploration lead me to this place of beaming happiness!!
If you’re struggling, take heart knowing that every moment you devote to your well-being is paying off. Every coaching session, every yoga pose, every minute in meditation, every time you look in the mirror and take steps to be a better human, every wish and every prayer….everything is an investment into your happiness and is paying off.
The icing on the cake… The happier you are the more attractive you are to others!
Just ask any of my amazing clients who have had life changing transformations with the work they put in!
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